Management Services

Lease Source Property Management represents owners of mid to upper value homes. As a general rule, the starting lease rates for these properties begin at $1,000 per month, and increase in proportion to the property’s value.

As a result of the downturn in the real estate market, many of the owners we represent have been unwilling to sell their homes for the prices now being offered. Until the market improves, some wish to lease their property until market conditions change. Owners are, understandably, concerned about locating someone, about whom they know very little, to live in one of their most valued possessions. These owners need a company that understands their specific requirements and specializes in managing properties that are not ordinarily found in the lease or rental markets. They want to be assured the house and the property will be maintained very much the way it was when the owner lived in it. At some point in the future, these owners still plan to sell the property. Lease Source Property management was founded to serve owners such as these.

Our role is to match high quality properties with high quality tenants. Lease Source offers two products, full service management and “lease only” management.

Full Service Management

Most of our clients elect full service management. An Account Manager will visit a prospective client’s home and discuss the details of our services and probable lease rates with the owner. If the owner elects to contract with Lease Source, we will make arrangements for contract preparation and indicate any maintenance or housekeeping work that should be done prior to marketing. We believe when potential tenants view a property, it should be in great condition….the same condition when they move in…..and in the same condition it will be in at the end of the tenant’s lease. If the owner has very specific conditions for use, we will make sure those conditions are included in the tenant’s lease.

Marketing is conducted on multiple websites, including our own,, Craigslist and AHRN, the military website. We also place a “For Lease” sign, in front of the home. Over 90% of successful placements are accomplished by the combination of these approaches.

When interested and qualified prospective tenants wish to tour a property, the Lease Source Account Manager will arrange and conduct that visit. In nearly all cases, the Account Manager is the single point of contact for the owner, prospects, tenants and service personnel. This approach gives the property’s owner, as well as the tenant, a reliable source of information.

When a prospective tenant makes application to lease a home, that prospect must meet highly restrictive standards. You can review some of those standards by going to the tab labeled “Lease Application” of this website’s home page. Once a prospective tenant’s application has been processed thru a background check, the Account Manager will review the results with the property owner.

If a prospect is approved for tenancy, the Account Manager will prepare a lease, and make arrangements for lease execution and collection of rents and deposits. The Account Manager will also conduct a move-in inspection with the tenant.

Tenants will make lease payments to Lease Source each month. We will subtract our management fee and forward the balance to the owner. Time is of the essence.

If a tenant reports a needed repair, for which the owner is financially responsible, the tenant will contact the Account Manager. The Account Manager will notify the owner of the request and immediately make arrangements to address the needed repairs.

As a lease period nears expiration, the Account Manager will be in contact with both the tenant and the property owner to determine if the lease is to be extended or terminated.

Lease Only Management

Under a Lease Only Management approach, the Account Manager initially provides many of the same services as found with Full Service Management. However, once a tenant is located, the lease is drawn between the tenant and the property’s owner, not Lease Source. Lease Only Managment provides the owner with a professional opinion of lease value, marketing, and screening. However, once a lease is signed, Lease Source no longer is involved with the property, the owner or the tenant. While the fees for this service are higher than for full service, some owners prefer to be more directly involved with the management of their own property.


We Are Real Estate Professionals

Lease Source Property Management is made up of Real Estate Professionals. See more about us under the “About Lease Source” tab. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your property management needs.